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The Perfect C.V Kiwi Style

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When reaching out to potential employers in NZ you want to make sure you create the perfect C.V kiwi style. It needs to stand out as much as possible! You may also want to make them aware that you are in the country to stay and that you are actually psychically in NZ!

I am not going to point out how to draft up a C.V as I am sure you all know how (but if you want some formal tips check out the link at the bottom of this article), but I will point some key points that will stop your C.V being filed away in 3.2 seconds into the recycling bin!

Firstly you need to make sure your number is a New Zealand mobile or landline number! If they see a UK number or a number from another country they will be convinced you have not even touched ground here yet.

Secondly, make sure your home address is local to the company’s location. No point giving them your UK address, ask a friend or relative in NZ or even the owner of the hotel /hostel that you are staying at if you can use there address as a point of contact. It is unlikely the employer you will check you actually live there but if they see an address from overseas they are likely to disregard your C.V straight away!

State in your personal statement or covering letter what type of visa you are on. Make sure this is very clear and make them aware of your long term intentions of staying in NZ and why you are here. The amount of phone calls I have had from recruiters asking what type of visa I am on is endless! I learnt quickly to put this information in both the personal statement and the covering letter. It is usually in the second sentence so it doesn’t get skipped!

When stating your qualification’s put them in a format that makes sense to them. For example I got asked numerous times what GCSE’s were, I ended up editing my C.V to state I completed “high school” followed by the grades.

Also depending on the type of job (maybe avoid this if you are going for a corporate role) consider putting your picture somewhere on the C.V. This may not be typical C.V practice but tell me someone who doesn’t judge a book by its cover?!

And lastly (again less corporate roles here!) don’t be afraid to inject some humour into your Covering Letter, C.V and even in the interview stage. Kiwi’s are the friendliest bunch of people you will ever meet, they work hard and play harder and love a bit of banter. Maybe don’t greet the interviewee with “ What’s up bro” and/ or  start your letter with“Hey cuz” but do compliment them on their lovely country by maybe expressing why you have moved here, do show them your humorous side and I guarantee you they will love the energy you could potentially bring to their team!

For more formal tips of C.V and Covering Letter styles check out the Seek website for tips below.


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