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Try a Campervan Relocation in NZ

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The wonderful world of campervan relocations means that you can go on an exciting road trip, and benefit from reduced rates by relocating the van on behalf of the rental company. This is a big thing in New Zealand and Australia, and has great appeal for those travelling on a budget.


Renting a campervan can be an expensive part of your trip, especially when you take into account insurance and fuel costs. The main attraction of campervan relocations is the fact that many companies offer this option at a highly discounted rental rate, or sometimes even free. (And if you’re really lucky then you may even get fuel vouchers too!)

On the flip side, you need to be fully aware of hidden costs that can incur. For example, you may be required to pay a booking fee, or place a deposit (often non-refundable.) Then there’s the necessity for adequate insurance, and often hire fees for the extras, such as bed linen and accessories (i.e.. table and chairs). Make sure you factor these into your budget – you can find more about these great offers on websites dedicated to Campervan relocations such as Transfer Cars  or Imoova.

More often than not, these deals will be for those travelling South to North, so Christchurch to Auckland for example. In this instance the ferry may even be thrown in for free too! (And if it’s not, then it’s worth pushing for.) If you’re looking to take advantage of a campervan relocation deal then you should look into routes available with these companies before booking your flights. You may also be able to find deals around popular destinations such as Queenstown and Wellington.

Accommodation and Transport

It’s not hard to see why a campervan is the most popular form of travel for people visiting New Zealand. With or without rental costs, this option provides you with all your accommodation and transport needs, proving to be a cost effective and efficient way of getting around the country. It will save you buckets of time searching for places to stay and public transport timetables, and, considering the availability of freedom camping (which we’ve explored in more depth here), you can further cut costs by not having to use campsites. Bonus!


While many people will have their whole trip planned weeks, or even months, ahead of date, companies offering campervan relocations offer plenty of last minute deals. This is great for residents of NZ who fancy an impromptu adventure, not needing to worry about booking flights etc. It might be that you have a route in mind and you go searching for a deal around this, or that you see what’s available and just go for it!

Having found a campervan relocation deal you will have destination A and B in place and a timescale for delivery, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for spontaneity along the way. Travelling by campervan really does give you an authentic experience of NZ, allowing you to soak up your surroundings at your own pace.

Rather than having accommodation and transport booked in advance, you can manage your own time and journey in a campervan. If you fall in love with a place you can stay on for a few extra days, and make up your time elsewhere. You can also hit the road whenever you feel like covering some miles. (Perhaps that means an early start to reach that beach by sunrise!)

And last but definitely not least, in a campervan you’re so much closer to NZ. This form of travel allows you to explore the nooks of your environment – wandering down unknown roads to see what delight you may stumble across. Just short of pitching up a tent, you’ll benefit from life in the outdoors, being able to cook and eat in the open, or sleep under the stars – only needing to use your van as a base.

All said, travelling by campervan is a very special way to see NZ, and if it’s your priority to do so, then finding a company that offers relocations is highly recommended for those looking to cutting costs. Just remember to look into exactly what you will have to pay for, never assuming at first glance that it’s just one big freebie!