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10 of The Best Most Adventurous things to do in Queenstown

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We’ve got a special little part of our hearts tucked away in Queenstown. There are so many things do in Queenstown and it is certainly one of the places in New Zealand that got said hearts pounding to extreme degrees.

We experienced challenges there we have never experienced anywhere else, we first visited in 2009 and have been back 4 times since! Queenstown is known to be the home of extreme sports in New Zealand, here we list the best most extreme and adventurous activities that you can do in Queenstown.

All Instagram-worthy, all heart-poundingly refreshing and make you feel like you just came alive for the first time.

In this article we discuss:

  • What are the best things to do in Queenstown;
  • What you should expect to find in Queenstown;
  • Information to help you decide which Queenstown activity is right for you;
  1. Canyon Swing

So if you’re into canyons and heights and crazy experiences, then the Canyon Swing is for you. Get up about 109 meters high, look down into the glorious Queenstown Canyon, hop on a swing and get ready to get loco.

The Canyon swing takes you right over Shotover River that your 5-year old playground swinging self could never have imagined. Your heart is literally banging into your insides.

If a simple swing is to simple a thing, take the zipline. You will never feel more connected with life and living. You literally zip into a gorgeous canyon above a rushing river and experience being the wildest adventurer there ever was. It was awesome in 2009 and I expect it is still awesome now!

Isaac returning from just swinging off the canyon on a chair!

2. Nomad Safaris – Quad Biking.

There is nothing like being on your own roller coaster and whipping around Queenstown Hill. Nomad Safaris give you a quad, protective equipment and all the instructions you need to go adventuring within some of the most scenic areas of the world.

You get full panoramic views of all of Queenstown while operating your personal 4WD. It is an exhilarating experience of being out in the open air with pure speed and freedom. We were new to this, so super thankful there was a lesson provided before we got up on the quads and solo.

3. Nzone Skydive

How many people do you know that say that skydiving is on their bucket list? How many people do you know that have actually done it? How many people have done it from 15,000 feet up?

It is a crazy rush, you are falling at 200 kilometers an hour and you love it. The Nzone Skydive is New Zealand’s highest one and one of the greatest experiences you will ever have if you are ready to break all your boundaries and fly the sky.

If you’re not ready to go all the way up to 15,000 feet, you can also try 12,000 or 9,000. Regardless of the height it takes courage, but we can guarantee you, there is literally no other experience like dropping yourself into pure nature.

skydive new zealand
How ridiculous do we look!

To find out more about our top 3 recommended activities in Queenstown just click on the activity you are interested in below.

4. Canyoning New Zealand

Are you ready to get vertical? Canyoning is almost something like out of a superhero comic. Abseiling steep rocks, doing the spider-man in your human makeup – something you don’t want to tell your mother about until after you do it.

Canyoning New Zealand gives you a chance to scale those rock walls in the gorgeous canyons of Queenstown. You can do half-day trips, full-day trips and even do over-nighters (nothing as cool as being in a canyon late-night).

5. Tandem Paragliding in Queenstown

Has anyone ever asked you what you wish your superpower could be? Did you ever say flying? If you did, then this experience is the closest you are going to get to that in your life.

Of course, when tandem Paragliding, you don’t have to go on the journey alone; you get to strap yourself up with one of their experts. Their experts have done these journeys thousands of times, so you get to feel safe and also wild and free.

It is just a ridiculously-thrilling feeling to soar above the magnificent mounts and mossy ranges of Queenstown as if you were the only bird in the world.

Your chance to be a bird!

6. Heli Bike New Zealand

If you love mountain biking and want to hit the secret spaces in Queenstown that you could never get to on your own, then Heli Bike New Zealand can help.

They will helicopter you to the most gorgeous back county spaces of Queenstown. This company is owned by a mountain-biking champion so they know what they’re doing when they lift you up and drop you down into the most gorgeous and adventurous places of Queenstown.

To find out more about our recommended activities in Queenstown just click on the activity you are interested in below.

7. Bungy New Zealand

There is something strangely fascinating about attaching yourself to a contraption that promises you nothing more than to drop you fast and swing you like the dreams you had on your childhood swing-set.

Bungy New Zealand promises that crazy feeling from 134 meters above and an 8-second free fall that will make you just lose it. And you get to do it over the gorgeousness that is the Queenstown adventure landscape.

8. Skippers Canyon Jet

Go fast or go home! This was one of our most thrilling adventures in 2019; it was like being in an adventure movie in the wilds of mystery.

Skippers Canyon takes you through the breathtaking canyons of Queenstown on a Jet Boat. You get in and you’re on nature’s personal roller coaster ride around the rocks and shards of one of New Zealand’s most awe-inspiring canyons.

Your heart will thump, your mouth will stay open wide and really once you get off you will want to turn around and get back inside.

Jetboating with a view, not a soul in sight!

9. Alpine Heli-Ski

If you love powder in the rough, you will want to connect with Alpine Heli-Ski in New Zealand, a Queenstown activity for true ski adventurers. The expert staff can take you up into the clouds so you can experience mountain-skiing on top of the world.

They provide you with safety-training and equipment, which really helps when you get all the way up. And … delicious gourmet lunch included. We totally suggest this to our skiing friends and family when they visit.

10. Riverboarding New Zealand

Take on the white water in a whole new way. Sledging isn’t as well known as other forms of white water experiences, so you’ve got to try it when you visit Queenstown.

You get a chance to get up and personal with the rapids while on your own personal sledge. The adventure starts off slow and lackadaisical, you’re on your sledge just floating and taking in the scenery. Then you are thrust into the orchestra of the white water where your adrenaline kicks in and you are no longer mental but just in the flow. 🙂

And if that’s not enough for you there are plenty of other things you can do in Queenstown, we are positive you can find something for all ages, sizes, and abilities in Queenstown, click the below tab to find out: