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Travel Insurance for an Expat moving to New Zealand

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So, you are emigrating to New Zealand, and you suddenly remembered about travel insurance! I can place one bet that your thoughts will be: Can I get cover? Even though I am not planning on returning to my home country?

The short answer is yes!

Options for those on a resident or work visa:

For those on a Resident or Work visa, it can be difficult to decide if you should get insurance in your home country before going to NZ, or to go with an NZ insurer to make any future dealings more convenient. However, it is best to have a combination of both which means you’re covered for every step of the process.

For example, you can get travel insurance from your home country and then pre-set up health insurance with an NZ company, and then once you are more settled get separate home and contents insurance for your belongings once you have a home.

Southern Cross Health Insurance Are extremely popular in NZ and offer a range of travel and health insurances to visitors to New Zealand on working or temporary resident visas. This is the option we went for as for a 12-month policy it was actually £100 cheaper than your average insurance provider that is based in the UK! For more information click here!

When looking into each policy, don’t forget to think about your needs in relation to your home country. For example, those on a working visa can use the Southern Cross travel insurance to cover drastic situations such as needing to be flown back to your home country for treatment; parents can be flown to a bedside in the event of tragedy (*touches wood*), and your body can be flown back home so family can have a funeral. Though a morbid topic and one I know we all would rather not think about, to put it bluntly, it is extremely important to consider this as it can cost over £10,000 to get remains back to the UK! Do note though that these benefits are tailored to the travel insurance and do not apply to the health insurance.


Bye Bye England

Permanently Emigrating? Certain you are not returning home?

For people migrating you can also get short-term cover, known as ‘Migration Insurance’, that will cover you for a couple of days while traveling to your destination, for both your belongings and your health – learn more about this specialist cover here.

As you can evidently see, there are many important factors that need to be considered in choosing your insurance policy and a suitable provider. The best advice we can give you is to make sure you know what your circumstances are and exactly what events and situations you could possibly need insurance to cover you for. Also, know what is expected from you to ensure your policy is valid in the event of a claim. AKA: Read the small print!

It may seem a bit mundane but get this sorted and you can start planning all the fun activities, in the safe knowledge that you’ll be protected.