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Travel Apps for New Zealand

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With the popularity of people traveling with just their trusted Iphone, Ipad or let’s not forget the less restrictive Android devices travel apps have become increasingly popular.

Travelers can now download many travel apps to help them whilst they are on the road. 🙂

Who is with me on these pet peeves?

Have you ever read an article on a bloggers website and then lost it days later?

Did you wish you could save that article somewhere useful to use as a guide when you are in that destination?

Have you ever read about an awesome place to stay, place to eat but then forgot to save it?

Have you ever had trouble finding an affordable place to stay whilst on vacation?

Do you have trouble keeping in contact with family and friends whilst on the road?

If you are nodding strongly then we suggest you get some of these apps in your life.

These are our top 5 tried and tested favorite apps you can use to ease your stay in NZ:

  • CamperMate was of the first apps we discovered during our road trip back in 2009, it was extremely user-friendly and full of crowd sourced, free information. It details locations of public toilets, rubbish bins, campsites, free wifi, dump stations, supermarkets and much more all over New Zealand. Pretty much anything you would need to make your road trip around NZ a breeze, especially if you are freedom camping.


  • TripAdvisor, who doesn’t know of Trip Advisor?! I never really thought about using their app until last year on our road trip around the South Island. We were able to download offline ahead of time the places we were visiting so we could easily decide where to stay, where to eat and what activities are in the area. You just can’t go wrong with trusting Trip Advisor!
  • GPSmyCity have created a great travel article app to do just that. GPSmyCity coordinates and embeds the information from that article into their app and creates a great nifty map that you can use when you are in that destination. The app is free to download and you don’t even need the internet once you have the app! So you can read your latest download’s on the plane, on the beach, in bed, basically wherever and whenever!

Going NZ GPSmyicty

  • Airbnb is our go too app for accommodation when we are preplanning a quick getaway. We much prefer this value added option and even hosted our house for a while when we lived in Auckland. If you want to meet the locals there is even an option for you to rent out a spare room in people’s homes a sure fire way to make some friends for life, learn about the lifestyle and the culture – you will be a kiwi before you know it! If you are not a member you can sign up via our link here, this will give you 45 NZD off your first experience with Air BnB – winning!
  • Viber is a paid calling account, we top up by around a dollar every month and that is all we need to make our phone calls back to the UK. This is especially great for those family members who don’t have the internet. This is loads cheaper than Skype and we have actually registered our telephone number with Viber, this means that when I make a paid call to the UK it comes up as my UK telephone number. People tend not to want to answer withheld or international numbers, you never know who it might be or what it’ll cost. This way, they know it is you and because the call originates from within the UK it doesn’t cost them. Great for calling the bank!

If you have any awesome apps that you use whilst traveling around NZ, we would love to hear from you so do drop us a message on the comments below!