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Migration Expos in the UK

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Whether you’re simply thinking about making the move to NZ or in the stages of planning it, attending migration expos in the UK is a great way to learn more about life out there, and help you make those all-important decisions!

We went to the London one in 2014 and I don’t regret the effort – one year in and I am on the path to living our dreams in NZ! At the time I had a number of questions swimming around my mine:

Is New Zealand the right place for me? How can I make the move? How can I get a job?

If you find your self asking yourself any of these questions as well, then there are experienced people who can help you decide what’s right for you at one of these events.

Expos are brimming with UK and NZ based companies that can help with the big move, as well as recruiters hunting for skilled people for jobs. You’ll also meet lots of other people who are in the same boat, which is a great opportunity to get networking!

Expos happen across the globe, but in the UK there are two main events for those looking to go to NZ:

Firstly, there’s the The Working International Expo in London.

This happens three times a yea – unfortunately, they have been and gone for 2017! Look out for more updates soon for 2018 events. Tickets are usually around £18.00

Providing information on Australia, Canada and New Zealand, this event is described as your ‘one-stop moving shop’ as it really does help you plan the whole process, from visa assistance to setting up afresh following the move.

‘Working In’ hosts the event and is recognised as one of the world’s leading organisers of international job and migration. The experts present at the event are plentiful and can help you with every detail, including:

  • Finding a home in NZ
  • Transferring a pension
  • Exchange rates
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Transferring your belongings; as well as yourself!

This video shows some happy campers at the expo, explaining how the event has been of great benefit:

Secondly, there’s the Down Under Live Expo.

This happens three times a year across the UK. Again these events were just in February of 2017, but keep checking back with us for updates on the dates for the 2018 events.

This event is unique in that it offers a seminar programme (see their Facebook page for details and updates) with experienced speakers presenting in a friendly environment, along with question and answer sessions so you can discuss any concerns.

The show is backed by the top magazine for life downunder, “Australia & New Zealand Magazine”, meaning you can be confident that you’ll receive impartial and practical advice.

Again, there are experts providing a wealth of information on the immigration process, including property agents and recruiters.

That said, it’s worth going to one of these expos with questions and ideas already in your mind. What property size might you need? What industry would you like to work in? Which aspects of the move do you need advice in – will you need to transfer a pension?

Also, remember these events offer an opportunity to make an impression. Seeing as recruiters are there and looking for their next great asset, it’s important you have an up-to-date CV to provide them, along with an enthusiastic attitude!

If you make the most of what’s on offer at an expo then you can come away having considered and started planning all the aspects involved in moving to NZ. Trust me it is a worthwhile day, or two, out!