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Where Are Kiwis Moving in 2017?

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MovingPros did a study recently (based on their site’s internal usage data) on which cities are Kiwis moving to – and sadly away from – for the first quarter of the year.
See the results in data visualisation below:

 Moving Stats Going NZ 2017


Despite the reasons and appeal to visit (and probably live in) Auckland, MovingPros’ data shows that 65% of Kiwis moving since the start of the year are fleeing from the city.

And we (I guess) have contributed to this statistic, check out why we left Auckland in this post that we wrote last year!

One of the key and obvious reasons is the city’s overheated housing market. Auckland rents have risen (from 5.3% to 6.2% this year).

Teachers, Nurses and staff workers from other industries are also starting move out and work in more affordable regions. With the cost of living in New Zealand being quite high it really is becoming a no brainer!

Where are the top places that New Zealanders are moving to?

1. Wellington – 23%
2. Bay of Plenty – 13%
3. Otago – 11%
4. Waikato – 9%
5. Canterbury – 8%

Have you moved to New Zealand recently or moved out of Auckland? What made you choose the place you currently live? We’d love to hear from you get in touch via social media or place a comment below.