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How to Find Trusted Movers in NZ

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Moving out of your current city is a decision that is never easy to make, especially moving out of a city as lovable as either Auckland or Wellington. When deciding where to settle in, there are many factors to weigh in – house pricing, job opportunity, cost of living, transportation, weather, people, etc. With these things in mind, the challenges of the actual relocation process might not be what you think when you are still in the early stage of your moving plan.

Well, moving can really be challenging – emotionally, physically, and financially – especially if you are moving long distance. If you are thinking about a DIY move to be economical, then be prepared for the back-breaking tasks you’ll need to accomplish like planning the route to your new home, packing your items, loading things to your moving van or truck, etc. But if you think this is too much to handle, then hiring a moving company to do the job can definitely ease your stress. Now, doing so is not something you can do in a rush. It is a challenge to find a reliable moving company. You can’t just hire the first mover that came up to your Google search. You’ll need to know that the people moving your belongings can be trusted.

To help you out, here are some tips we hope you can use in finding a trusted mover in NZ.

Ask for recommendations

If you know someone who has previously moved, a family member, friend or colleague, then it is a good idea to ask for recommendations when looking for a mover to hire. You personally know these people, therefore you can trust their feedback to a certain mover, and if they have a bad experience, they will definitely not hold back with their feedback. If you get recommendations, make sure to ask about what services the moving company offers, how easy the communication is with that certain company, and if there’s something they didn’t like about the service they received.

Get multiple quotes

When looking for a mover, it is always best to get quotes from multiple companies, so you have something to compare and choose from. It’s good to have at least three quotes. Check each moving company that provided you with a quote. Some important things to look at are what services are included in the quote, how many people will the moving company provide, is the quote flat-rate or not, and reviews from the previous customers.

Getting multiple quotes can sometimes take time. You’ll have to go through websites of different moving companies, fill up a form then submit it and wait to hear back from them. If you don’t want the hassle of repeatedly submitting a listing to different companies, you can get multiple quotes in submitting just one listing, with the help of several moving companies marketplace. This kind of platform will reach out to different moving companies across the country, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for Wellington movers or Auckland movers. Your listing will be directed to movers working around your area. Platforms like Wise Move usually offer different types of moving services like car transport, motorcycle transport and boat transport. So if you need any of this kind of transport, then using a moving companies marketplace will be very helpful to you.

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Check insurance coverage

One of the reasons for deciding to hire a moving company is to avoid any accidents that may cause damage to your valuable items. But even when you have hired the best movers in NZ, there will always be a possibility that mishaps can happen along the way, especially when it’s a long-distance move. You need to know your belongings have insurance coverage. A reputable moving company should have one, and you need to know how much do they cover. If you think it’s not enough, it is always advisable to have your own coverage.

Read reviews from previous customers

The price of the service shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when hiring movers. You need to check the quality of the service too. It may be cheaper to hire a certain moving company, but if they have poor service, causing issues like delivery delay or worst, damaged items, then you’ll end up incurring additional expenses in your relocation, not to mention the stress that it comes with. So be careful and read through reviews of their previous customers. Watch out for comments specific to how the moving company handles issues like damaged item, missing items or delays.

In the end, it is all up to you to decide whom to hire. Just be sure to do your research and not rush with your decision. Do this in advance, so you will have ample time to decide. If you can find a moving company much earlier, then it is better. Don’t worry about making them wait for your moving day, moving companies will be happy to do so as it will also give them more time to plan efficiently for their routing.