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Cheap Petrol and Diesel in New Zealand

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After the welcomed fall in petrol prices over the awesome summer we’ve had in New Zealand. Prices have started to creep back up again. If like us, you’d like to save more dollars at the pump, here is a of discounts and ways to save money each time you top-up you car.

What is the price of petrol and Diesel in New Zealand?

Update Monday 21/08/2019: The average price of petrol (91) in Auckland city is $2.08 , the price of Diesel is $1.41.

Every petrol station has some sort of discount scheme in place, knowing which is best could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year at the pump.

Rising Petrol Prices in New Zealand can be a battle

Rising Petrol Prices in New Zealand can be a battle

Gull petrol and diesel – 10-15% off

Gull is my favourite fuel scheme, it’s easy and the pump prices are always competitive, with the following deals it’s a no-brainer. Here are the savings:

  • Monthly a $5 off per $50 top-up and $3 off $30 top-up.
  • Once a month they discount fuel by 10c per litre for a couple days.
  • If you spend $40 at Countdown, the receipt should have a discount of 4c per litre.

The best thing about Gull’s offering is the three discounts can be stacked, so you’d get 14c of per litre and $5 off the total. The cost per litre of fuel here is $2.14 and filling my tank costs $74.90 without discount. With all three discounts the fuel cost is $65 – a saving of just under ten bucks.

The ‘Discount Day’ info is here – http://gull.nz/fun/discount-days

*Update* Thanks to Alan for emailing and letting me know discount day is only available in the manned forecourts.

AA smart fuel – 5% – 100% off

Having the AA smart fuel card handy in your car gives a discount of 8c per litre each time you top-up. Larger purchases in some of NZ shops accrue sizeable discounts which can be stacked. We bought a bed from Target and got 50c off a litre, new tyres from Andy Harpers gave us 35c per litre making our fuel at the time less than $1 per litre.

AA smart fuel cards can be used at both BP and Caltex.

Countdown / Pak’n’save fuel shopping vouchers – 2% – 40% off

The supermarkets as mentioned earlier give a discount when you spend $40, coming up to holidays they often up this to 40c off per litre when you spend $200 – a pretty good saving if you do big shops.

Countdown fuel vouchers can be used in Z and Gull, Pack’n’save have their own fuel stations – if they don’t, usually you have to use a Mobil near by the store.

Rewards points and air miles credit cards when you fuel up

For a another cent or two off a litre, you could consider using an air miles or rewards credit card to pay for your petrol or diesel. Just remember to pay it off, before the interest outweighs the savings.

How else do you save money at the pump, have I missed a deal? I’d love to hear your story, have your say and get in touch below!